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Glocal Japan Inc. Personal Information Protection Policies

Glocal Japan Inc. (hereafter called the “Company”) believes that, among many individual rights, respecting the right to protect personal information is essential.
The Company considers that the basis of its business lies in protecting the personal information of customers and, therefore, the Company is socially responsible for protecting such personal information.
Accordingly, the Company has decided to put in place personal information protection policies as stated below, make them well known to its officers, employees, and outside business partners, and strive for thorough implementation of the policies.

1. Proper Collection, Use, Offer, and Deposit of Personal Information

1) When collecting personal information of customers, the Company informs customers of its intention to collect their personal information and gains their consent prior to collection.
The Company also limits the scope of using collected personal information and takes proper care of such information.

2) The Company may provide collected personal information to a third party within the scope of legitimate purposes.
In such case, the Company informs customers of the purpose of collection, gains their explicit consent prior to collection, and takes proper care of the information.

3) The Company may deposit (entrust) collected personal information with (to) a third party due to, for example, promoting smooth operation.
In such case, the Company will appoint a person who is well qualified to protect personal information and conclude with that person, for example, an agreement that stipulates the standards for protection of personal information, and take proper care of such information.

2. Prevention and Correction of Loss, Destruction, Falsification, and Divulgement of and Unauthorized Access, etc., to Personal Information

The Company implements strict control of personal information of customers by implementing measures against all kinds of risks including, without limitation, falsification, divulgement and unauthorized access, etc.
To this end, the Company establishes rules of proper handling and use of such personal information and appoints a responsible person.

3. Compliance with Personal Information Protection Laws and Other Regulations

The officers and employees of the Company and outside business partners shall comply with personal information protection laws, regulations and guidelines of Japan and foreign countries.

4. Continuous Improvement in the Personal Information Protection Policies and In-House Rules

The Company continues to improve its personal information protection policies and in-house rules so that personal information protection, which is requested by society, will be implemented effectively.

February 2020
Toshihiko Hatanaka
Representative Director

The Company may revise the above-mentioned policies.
In such case, the revisions will be announced on this website.

- Personal information that the Company asks visitors to our website.

This website is operated for the purpose of providing information of Glocal Japan Inc. for visitors.
Some pages of this website may ask visitors their personal information (when personal information is necessary for questionnaires, inquiries, mid-career recruitment registration, etc.).
The information the Company asks will mainly be items of personal information that are necessary when a visitor provides the Company with their name, e-mail address, phone number, and address.
We may also ask the visitor other questions, which are optional to answer except for those asking for essential minimal pieces of information.
In connection with this, the Company will not change the information given by a customer without consent of the customer.

Note in advance that the answered information items may be relayed to a third party within the scope of the minimum requirement (for example, the name and address of a customer need to be relayed to service outsourcing contractors, including carrier companies).
Upon a request of a visitor for disclosure of his/her personal information, the Company will take necessary measures within a reasonable scope to protect the privacy of other visitors.

- Governing Law

This website is under the control of Glocal Japan Inc.
Visitors around the world who are under control of different laws can access this website.
However, such visitors are required to accept that the laws of Japan and the regulations of Hiroshima Prefecture are binding for the visitors regarding the use of this website, notwithstanding the difference in the laws that govern the visitors and the Company.
Furthermore, the Company neither describes nor indicates whether or not the content of this website is appropriate in the working environment of visitors.
Since visitors access this website on their own free will, they are also assumed to take responsibility for the use of this website.

- Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Visitors are assumed to take responsibility for the use of this website.
The Company assumes no liability for any kind of damage resulting from the use of information on this website and other websites linking to this website.

- Use of Cookies

This website may use cookies to provide more convenient browsing for re-visitors.
A cookie, which is data sent to the browser of a visitor, is recorded on the computer of a visitor.
However, the recorded data contains no personal information that enables the identification of the visiting person, such as their name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
The data also has no bad effect on the computer of the visitor.
Visitors can also reject the receipt of cookies by setting the browser.
Even in such case, browsing this website has no problems.
For how to set the browser, ask the application maker of the browser.