A variety of vegetables are grown at two farms on the Zhoushan islands in Zhejiang Province, located about 300 km to the south of Shanghai (Daishan Farm, Xiushan Farm); the farms have set the production of safe and delicious vegetables as their motto.
Production of high-sugar-content tomatoes and white asparagus was started this year, incorporating advanced Japanese cultivation technologies and using environment-friendly coco peat.
The products are mainly sold to Japanese-affiliated supermarkets in Shanghai and Sichuan.

  • High-sugar-content tomatoes grown by using coco peat
    High-sugar-content tomatoes grown by using coco peat
  • Cultivation of whiteleg shrimp
    Cultivation of whiteleg shrimp


The main businesses in the Philippines are raising dairy cattle and selling bananas.
The self-sufficiency level of milk in the Philippines is low, and more than 90% of milk consumed in the country is imported from Australia and New Zealand, the major dairy farming countries.
For the dairy farm project on Negros Island in central Philippines, joint tests with the state government are currently being performed to increase the amount of milk from each head of dairy cattle.
We plan to produce milk and other dairy products at locations throughout the Philippines and promote the consumption of these products.

  • Planned site of dairy farm
    dairy farm
  • Banana farm
    Banana farm


We breed about 2,500 head of cattle for sale on part of a vast area of land, about 26,000ha, in Paraguay, South America.
We also focus on attention to eucalyptus trees as a biomass resource and are considering planting such trees in 10,000 ha of land.
We are planning to produce eucalyptus pellets, responding to the needs of soybean oil factories in Paraguay, which is the fourth largest exporter of soybeans in the world, as well as the needs of factories that produce paper pulp for which the demand is on the increase.

  • Cattle breeding business
    Cattle breeding business
  • Mung bean cultivation
    Mung bean cultivation